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Real talks about writing & publishing beautiful books that change the world

With Author & Writing Coach, Nicole Washburn

Real talks about writing & publishing beautiful books that change the world

With Author & Writing Coach, Nicole Washburn

Episode #1 with Carrie Jalonen

Let go of thinking writing is always cozy. That’s only 1 stage. The art of good writing must include vulnerability. It’s all about your growth.  

What’s the 1 thing preventing you from saying (convincingly!), “I’m a writer,”? 

Carrie shares how it all happened for her in one week & with one decision.

Plus, if you want to publish, Carrie talks about everything that shifted to get her there. 

I now feel I am living the life I was meant to live. I remembered the dream and it is coming back to myself. When a book burns inside of you it must come out. -Carrie


Episode #2 with Laura Stephens

How do you make a heavy & difficult topic easy to read? Most memoirs are too preachy, and Laura worked hard to make sure hers is reader-friendly and full of gentle advice.

Difficult topics need a little extra love in the writing. 

Laura talks about how the writing process gave her a vehicle to release residual emotions and heal. Writing & making her story public did way more for her than going to therapy and talking about it. 

Writing beats thinking every day. Survivors of abuse, especially, have learned how to stifle their truth. Once it is visual and clear, there is only one way forward and one direction to follow. -Laura

Did you always want to be a writer? Laura shares the vision she had as a child and how it guided her to write the book she wished she had. Plus, she talks about the #1 tool that gave her book the clarity and direction she was missing. “Otherwise, it was just journaling.”


Episode #3 with Lara Wellman

You're not too late!

If you think you're lazy for not finishing already, Lara’s low-pressure approach will pull you out of the spiraling thought processes that keep you stuck. 

Lara is a master of the relaxed deep dive. In this talk, she drops tons of tips and mindset gems to help you finish your first draft.

Expecting it to be perfect. Expecting it to get it all at once..Expecting to have it all figured out…sets us up with unrealistic ideals & goals. Then we use the resistance as proof we aren’t meant to do it. Get over the idea that a book is formal. It's a conversation. Tell stories. -Lara 

Lara talks about the slow burn and small weekly actions that respect our natural pace and the organic unfolding of what the book is meant to be

This is what writing your book - without the pressure- looks like.