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Yes, I'm Ready To Write My Book!

 Your Low Stress, Start-To-Published Process (In 5 Streamlined Steps 🙌) 

And a soulful writing community to nurture you along the way.

Unbelievable Results... Two Great Options



  • 2 Support calls per week
  • 2 Writer’s Circles a week
  • Community
  • Inspired Method Leadership
  •  Accountability
  • Proven Writing Process
  • Priority access to the Publish Process
  • Access to Nicole & Darlene (over 25 years experience)



You write your book… we edit it.


  • 6  month access to the writers & published membership 
  • Access to development Workshop 
  • Development Audit
  • 4 edits
  • Business Strategy Session
  • Organic Promotion Strategy Session
  • Author Page Audit

You have great ideas but…

Have no idea where to start
Too many ideas make it all feel like a mess
The thought of everything that needs to happen just makes you freeze
You’re caught in the doubt & drop cycle that’s costing you so much time
Need certainty and validation that you’re on the right track
Everything changes once you write your book
Everything changes once you write your book

Give them insights from 1st hand experience and facilitate a transformation for them. 

Your book focuses on the real reason you got into coaching. It’s your unique perspective, wisdom, and strengths combined that allow you to take your place as a thought leader.

If you can relate…

You WANT to write a book, but you don’t.
After years of trying to find a good place to start, you’re writing in spurts, by the seat of your pants and have little to nothing to show for it…


You’ve taken workshops & bought courses on how to write but they just don’t mesh with your learning style. End result: you’re still no further along


Frankly, you’re just sick of that feeling of failing when the nudge to write this book is only getting louder.


You secretly know a book is the path to the business you dream of.


You're worried you’ll give up before ever reaping the benefits.

You’re waiting for something to change

But here's what most people don't understand:

Everything changes once you write your book
Answer the calling, write your book!

We’ve cracked the code for busy coaches whose time has come to write a book… 

Easily freewrite 

through the guided process of an inspired first draft

Regularly validate

your unique message so you stand out as a thought-leader

Follow a simple framework

that helps you stay focused so that you finish

While also helping you use your book’s message to increase your business right away with…

Instant Authority:

being a published author distinguishes you from all the rest.

Engaged Audience:

readers will happily join your email list, hop in your online courses

Networking Mojo:

Guest appearances on Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Speaking Events and Summits create an affiliate circle of exponential marketing power!

Start to Publish … Ditch the myth of self-made. 


Don’t try doing it on your own- it’s the surest way to fail.


Instead, get everything you need for the long game.

There’s nothing like expert feedback, community discussions and workshops, plus ongoing weekly instruction from 2 industry experts on both the craft and business of writing your book. 


You get live support and accountability that boosts your content and confidence exponentially. In this game of getting your ideas out there and promoting your book, nothing matters like the calm confidence to bring in high ticket clients.


When writer’s block and doubt hit (and they WILL hit hard) you can relax into the full support of the community and nurture your creative soul so you get inspired and connected again.

As a member of our group, you’re guided by two writing and business mentors, a long-proven process (that guarantees 5-star reviews), workshopping feedback, and prompts that get you writing even when you don’t feel like it.


You’re never alone and you’re always on track.

You’ll get so much done in a couple of months.


Turn years of procrastination into a book that makes money before you publish.


We promise- you can ABSOLUTELY start now, build your biz, email list, and platform as you go.

Join the 1% of the 1% who finish their books- and become a published author and expert

Podcasts + promotions + press releases + referrals, reviews + affiliates.


Who are you hanging out with?

In our community, you also get access to our entire list of 10,000+ (and rapidly growing!) to promote your book upon publication.

No matter where you start….

We will help you take your business to the level of success in your own authentic style…

Our proven inspirational process to finish your "Messy 1st Draft"

Techniques of the craft to write your way to a true inspirational book

The secret sauce implementation time & feedback - validation  & accountability moves it forward

Finish your book with us and also become a part of our writer’s collaborative. You will never again be alone as a coach.

Answer the calling, write your book!



Access to Training Videos & Worksheets to work on in your own time



Exclusive FB community who will encourage you  & get your exact challenges



Weekly Q&A with feedback on your specific progress




Weekly guided exercises to develop your techniques & create key content

Writer’s Circles


Twice weekly guided writing sessions with implementation prompts




Keep focused on feeling connected to your book simply by showing up 



Quick strategies & encouragement to get your book working before you publish

This is for you if…


You’re feeling alone in your writing
You know in your heart it’s time to write
You need support as you commit to it all
You want to invest in yourself but stay flexible
You want step by step options



25 spots available


  • 2 Support calls per week
  • 2 Writer’s Circles a week
  • Community
  • Inspired Method Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Proven Writing Process
  • Priority access to the Publish Process
  • Access to Nicole & Darlene (over 25 years experience)


Join The Membership Now!

This is for you if…


Your schedule is less accommodating
You want 1:1 feedback
You have a fixed or urgent deadline
You know your investment will pay itself back 
You love knowing it is all taken care of



5-Spots Available

You write your book… we edit it.


  • 6 months access to the writers & published membership $1800
  •  Access to development Workshop $1000
  • Development Audit $500
  • 4 edits (structural, voice & flow, reader & authority, grammar & spell) up to 30 hours $4500
  • Business Strategy Session $500
  • Organic Promotion Strategy Session $500
  • Author Page Audit $300
Apply For All-In-One Here!

Get featured on our Podcast (long term priceless)


Get Promoted to our List  (over 10,000)


Become a member of our collaborative & get featured on our gallery page


 You may not feel 100% ready. 

That’s natural.

But you’re not doing this alone. 

We've got you covered! 

However, it WILL get more expensive to work with us. 

We want to make it easy for you to say "Yes," and write your book with us. 

Why Write Your Book With Us?

  • We’re best-selling authors and coaches ourselves 
  • We coach soulpreneurs to write their bestselling books
  • We don’t just give templates, we share the journey
  • We use our exclusive generators & structural outlines
  • We find the BEST idea aligned with your business
  • We focus on inserting your authority in the book
  • We give you a method, not just inspiration
  • We are  experts in a spiritual audience
  • We include your creativity and your unique magic
  • We understand that the value is YOU
…so you don’t sound like everybody else.
Answer the calling, write your book!