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We truly believe in the success you will have with our support and your commitment. Because this is a self-paced service and digital product, all sales are final.

Instant Offer Magic

Creating a compelling offer can be much simpler than you think.


Join Nicole & Darlene for a powerhouse course that goes from no idea to done. 


We'll Teach You How To...

⭐Find your offer by learning more about your audience and what you can create that will benefit them.

⭐Build your simple check out page using our templates and samples with our generator to find your perfect language.

⭐Promote and nurture using our email templates

⭐Pitch and invite people to your offer

⭐ You'll also get our checklist to confirm you have everything needed to create your instant offer.


In as little as 3 hours you too can your offer ready to sell! 


***Here's a secret, you don't need to create anything new, it is about packaging something you already have. 


Here's what you can expect:

 Immediate access to our 6-Step Course created to guide you through the process of creating your offer.

✨ A brief training on each segment of the process through our easy to follow and implement course

 Templates, checklists, and generators to help fine tune your offer

✨Simple and clear insight on how to utilize your existing content to create offers that your people will love.


By the time you complete to this easy-to-follow course you'll have....

⭐A checkout page ready to share

⭐3 email sequence to ensure a smooth onboarding/ expectations

⭐Language for 3 promotional posts/emails 


Darlene & Nicole