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Build Your Signature Presentation Mini-Course

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Signature Presentation that Grows Your List Fast in the shortest time possible.

5 Easy Steps to Quickly Build Your Slide Deck.

In as little as 5 hours you can have your slide deck DONE!


All the details are here!

  • How to uncover your BIG PROMISE 
  • How to choose the BEST IDEA (it's probably not the one you're thinking) 
  • How to ORGANIZE everything for the clearest, most engaging content
  • More instructions
  • More templates


Get it Done and Get Results!



  • You’re a coach, healer, practitioner, or course creator 
  • You want to speak directly to “your people, the ones you know you can help.
  • You dream of an easier way to grow your business
  • You need help implementing the steps you need to take
  • You’re amazing at what you do- but unsure of how to talk about it
  • You aren’t getting enough clients or the right clients. 
  • You’re not growing or making the impact you dream of 
  • You welcome expert feedback on your message and your content
  • You want to scale your business but are allergic to selling
  • You want to confidently add a signature presentation to your offer



  • Proven, Customizable Templates 
  • Our Plug-and-Play Outline for a Signature 25 Slide Presentation
  • Clarity on which Topics, Lessons, & Takeaways are most attractive to YOUR niche
  • Secrets to Pitch an Irresistible Offer
  • What BONUSES to include to seal the deal
  • How to get your audience excited and keep them engaged until the end
  • Expert Feedback on your best idea (and how to talk about it) 
  • Fool-Proof Process to easily generate content that turns tire-kickers into red hot leads


We capture and share the magic of a LIVE 5 Day challenge inside 1 easy-to-implement e-course. We’ve added everything you will need to get your slide deck done in as little as 5 hours. So go as fast or as slow as you need, but, please, get it done. The magic ONLY works if you actually present it. 



Purchase this self guided e-course and get immediate access to ...

  • Video Trainings
  • Easy to Follow Homework Prompts
  • Files & Templates 
  • Community of support (Join our FB Group)
  • Comprehensive Checklist to keep you on track


This is a self-guided workshop series, so you set the pace.  This was originally designed as a 5-Day challenge you can do in as little as 5 hours. Just watch the training and complete the tasks. In as little as 1 week, your unique, tailored presentation will be ready to share! 


Regular Value- $297  Value to your business- Limitless


HINT: It’s not about becoming someone you’re not to get the sale. It’s about bringing the authentic YOU to the table and inspiring action. 


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